George Has Lost His Base

by James Glaser
February 14, 2007

George Bush won't be getting as many valentines as he has in past years if recent polls are accurate. George even looks bad on the FOX poll, and you know they would have done all they could to put him in a good light.

Bush Poll

Now I know this isn't very scientific, but last night I took my own poll here in Tallahassee. Every month I go to a meeting of Vietnam War vets, and let me tell you that down here in the South the veterans are a real cross section of opinions.

When I first started going to these meetings about a year ago, if you said anything bad about our President, well guys would be all over you defending everything George was doing. These guys were a part of George's base. To tell you the truth it drove me nuts because their faith in the President was a blind faith. George could do no wrong. It didn't matter if you were talking about the war, Social Security reform, or the President's own military record.

I even heard Vietnam vets say, "Yeah, he might of ducked out of the Nam, but that's OK." That is not the way Vietnam vets talk. Even thirty plus years after the end of that war those guys hate the draft resisters, and most are still mad at Jimmy Carter for giving pardons to those who fled to Canada.

Now back to my poll last night. Well, I really didn't have to ask any questions, because to a man they were fed up with George Bush and his war. It was like a night and day change. Now nothing George Bush says is honest. I heard strong George Bush backers talk about how this war is all about money and how the President is going to make lots off the oil in Iraq if he can keep us there.

The whole evening became a bash George Bush night. Everything that was wrong with the country is now his fault. In fact many guys now claim the George really doesn't call the shots anyway. They claim that it is some group of rich corporation CEO's. I was expecting the Tri-lateral Commission to come out at any moment.

So, President George Bush has now lost the backing of the "good ol' boys" from down South, and let me tell you, when you lose those guys who have been with you from the start, you have lost everybody.

George Bush has either lost his war or is losing his war, he has lost the confidence of much of the country, and now his base is walking away from him. If Congress had any guts at all, they would start impeachment hearings for George's crimes against humanity for starting an illegal war in Iraq, for wire tapping Americans without a warrant, for torturing people in secret CIA prisons all around the world, for pretty much being a scum bag. The scum bag remark is right out of that vet's meeting.

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