Iran Hides Iraq, Iraq Hides Afghanistan, and the War on Terror Continues

by James Glaser
February 16, 2007

Everyone in Washington is talking about George Bush taking us into another war, this time with Iran. Meanwhile George is sending 21,000 more combat troops to Iraq and the word is out that the Army is sending those troops to Iraq, but they are short on the armor for thousands of Humvees. Of course you don't read about that in the news, because everyone is talking about Iran.

While we are talking about Iran, and the troop buildup in Iraq, nobody is talking about the fact that we now have more troops in Afghanistan than at any time since we first attacked back in 2001.

In both Iraq and Afghanistan we have been forced to send more troops into combat. Both countries were a "sure thing," and the Bush administration was looking for swift victories. Now it looks like we are going to lose in both places.

Senator and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama got into hot water when he said that the lives of the 3,000 plus Soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq were wasted. If we lose in Iraq and have to walk away with our hats in our hands, then yes, their lives were wasted. I doubt that any American believes the lives of the 25,000 plus American troops who have been killed or wounded in Iraq are worth the the price, if getting rid of Saddam Hussein is the only thing we accomplished.

But no matter what happens in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Iran, George Bush can pull out his War on Terror speech to answer any question about what he is doing. George wants us to know that everything he has done, he has done to keep those terrorists from fighting on the streets of America. That story has served George well up until now.

Yes, George Bush will leave office with the title, "War President," but he will also leave office with a lot of blood on his hands, and another title, "Loser.

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