American Troops in Iraq are Dying at a Faster Rate than Ever Before

by James Glaser
February 22, 2007

"More American troops were killed in combat in Iraq over the past four months—at least 334 through Jan. 31—than in any comparable stretch since the war began according to an Associated Press analysis of casualty records."

So far this month, 65 more Americans have been killed, and that is more deaths than in at least 23 other full months of George Bush's War in Iraq.

It seem to me that if we are losing more men and women now, four years into this war, then things are not looking up, like Bush's White House would like us to believe.

The total of Americans killed to date is 3,147, and that number is going up by about 3 a day. The number wounded is at 23,530, and that averages out to over 16 a day. So every day we have another 19 American troops killed or wounded. That has been day in and day out for almost four years.

With averages like these, extending the war even a month means another 80 plus killed and close to 500 more wounded. Remember that is just for a month, and George Bush is talking about the next President having to deal with Iraq. If George keeps us in Iraq for two more years, well that means another 2,000 killed and another 12,000 wounded, and those numbers are only good if the war stays at the same pace.

Nobody can even predict what two more years will do to the Iraqis, but we know their monthly death toll beats ours by a factor of 37.

Four years into it, and look at where we are in this war.

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