A Week of Violence for the Iraqi People

by James Glaser
February 26, 2007

For a little over a week, Washington has had a real crack down going on in Iraq, trying to stop the violence going on in that country. Below is a list of Iraqis killed and wounded during the last week.

Sunday Feb.18, 2007 92 Dead  
Monday Feb.19 82 dead 124 wounded
Tuesday Feb. 20 29 dead 219 wounded
Wednesday Feb. 21 119 dead 131 wounded
Thursday Feb. 22 59 dead 30 wounded
Friday Feb. 23 40 dead 27 wounded
Saturday Feb. 24 110 dead 133 wounded
Totals for week 531 dead 664 wounded

All of these figures came from reports on antiwar.com. They had no number for wounded on last Sunday.

These are the figures we see when Washington is making a big push to lower the amount of violence going on in Iraq. In previous weeks it was not uncommon to have over a thousand deaths. We must also remember that these are only the reported numbers of those killed and wounded.

Many Sunni Iraqis are afraid they will be killed if they use the hospital facilities controlled by the Shia Iraq government. Also many dead are buried by family members, and their loved one's numbers are never counted. In case you are wondering, last week's numbers, lower than many weeks, would have yearly totals of 27,612 dead and 34,528 wounded, if these numbers prove to be an average.

George Bush's Iraq War will start its fifth year on March 19, 2007.

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