Which Voters Do You Represent, George?

by James Glaser
April 4, 2007

"The whole strategy is to give the Iraqi government time to reconcile, time to unify the country, time to respond to the demands of the 12 million people that voted."

Those are George Bush's own words from his press conference yesterday, and in his own words he tells us that his whole strategy in the Iraq war is respond to the demands of the 12 million Iraqis who voted for the government in power over there.

Those 12 Million Iraqi voters are deciding if our American troops must continue to be killed and maimed in their defense.

Last November we had our own election here in the United States. That election was pretty cut and dried. If you voted for the Democrats, you were voting to end the war in Iraq, and if you voted for the Republicans, then you were voting to stay the course.

Over 76 million Americans voted, and the Democrats won in the House of Representatives by almost 5 million votes, and the Democrats won in the Senate with a 7 million vote margin. The Democrats had such an overwhelming victory, that they took the majority control in both houses of Congress.

Over 76 million Americans voted, but our foreign policy in Iraq, in fact, as President Bush said, "the whole strategy" in Iraq is now dictated by the votes of those 12 million Iraqis, and to hell with the American people and how they voted.

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