Sometimes I think Iraq is Just a Ruse

by James Glaser
April 5, 2007

You know it is just horrible to think this, but some times I think maybe the Bush administration got us in the mess over in Iraq as a diversion. While everyone's eyes are on the fighting in Iraq, the White House can do things like wire-tapping Americans without a warrant, lower environmental standards, and get this, they can screw with our food supply.

You might ask if anyone would do such a thing, sacrifice all of those troops, cause the horror of war for over four years just to get their own way in other things. Like I said, it is terrible to think this, and usually I wouldn't, but after watching what George Bush has done to our country for the last six years, I now think he could do something like that.

Who would ever think that there would be a time in this country when tens of thousands, heck millions of Americans would believe that Washington, with the help of a score of Arabs would kill three thousand of our citizens? I am not saying I believe that, but I do see lots of bumper stickers that say "9/11 was an inside job." Because George Bush and Dick Cheney are so goofy, a person could believe they would try almost anything. If you read about the people who believe that our government caused the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, you will find many of them are well educated, and they have thought this thing through

You can try these two web sites and you will find a lot to think about!

If it were not for George Bush and Dick Cheney, these sites would be unbelievable, but with the two of them in office, a person can believe anything is possible.

Here is what caught my eye and why I have gone off on this tangent today. The Food and Drug Administration has decided to relax the rules on labeling irradiated food, and as Andrew Bridges writes for Common Dreams News Center, "it may allow some products zapped with radiation to be called "pasteurized."

Now when some food is pasteurized, it is quickly heated to a high temperature, and then quickly cooled. This process has been used for years to kill germs, even bottled beer is pasteurized. Radiation might do the same thing, but then again it might not. Many people are afraid to eat products that have been irradiated. That is why corporations want this label change. The word "Pasteurized" on a label makes one think that the food product has been made safe, like our milk has. Zapping something with radiation doesn't give you the same thought of safety.

So, while everyone is looking at Iraq, what better time to slip in this "innocent" change. So what if radiation is not pasteurization, the American people will never know the difference, and if a few years down the road we find that people get sick, well the corporations will have made a killing in the market place. (Pun not intended)

I listened to George Bush this week give a press conference, and he did not instill confidence in me. It is sad to say, but I think the man is evil. I don't know that he would be in on the 9/11 attack, but I have no doubt that he would use our troops in Iraq to make money for big corporations. I'll say that another way, I believe that George Bush is using our troops in Iraq so that large corporations can make lots and lots of money.

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