How George Bush Plans to Avoid Defeat
"We Were Winning When I Was in Charge"

by James Glaser
April 11, 2007

No President wants to go down in the history books as losing a war. Lyndon Baines Johnson never ran for a second term to avoid that title of loser in Vietnam. You know, when Richard Nixon finally ended our involvement there, he made sure everyone knew he never started that war, and that he was only doing what he was elected to do. . . end the war.

I really doubt if anyone at the Pentagon thinks we have any chance for a military victory in Iraq, and many Generals are saying just that. I don't doubt that the people in the White House can see the writing on the wall. They know that the troops dying and those suffering life long debilitating wounds are only buying time for George Bush to figure out what he can do.

Well, George, like the rest of the nation, is counting down the days until a new President is installed. We are counting down those days hoping that we still have a country by then, and George is counting hoping he still has a war by then.

If George can pass the baton while the war is still going on, at least in his mind, George will be able to say, "Well, we were winning when I was there."

It won't matter to George Bush if that takes another 500 or another 5,000 American deaths, as long as this war can keep going another 22 months We already know that Iraqi deaths are so unimportant to Bush that we never have kept any sort of count of them.

When a person has as much blood on their hands as George Bush has, more blood makes no difference. Like not being able to admit even the smallest of mistakes, George Bush will never be able to admit defeat.

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