Wouldn't You Just Know It?

by James Glaser
April 19, 2007

We shouldn't be surprised by this statement made by the head of an al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq. The man, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, said that Iraq had become a "university of terrorism," producing highly qualified warriors since the 2003 US-led invasion.

You would think a story like this would be front page on the New York Times, but stories like this, that make George Bush look like a goofball, are not carried by our media. This is the type of true story that the rest of the world is reading. This particular one comes from the Irish Times and was carried on the internet by Ireland.com.

Mr. Baghdadi went on to say, "The largest batch of soldiers for jihad. . . in the history of Iraq are graduating and they have the highest level of competence in the world."

When you think about it, the man is right. A rag-tag bunch of insurgents have been fighting the world's most powerful army (that would be us) for over four years now, and it seems that they are getting better and better at what they are doing. We have given al-Qaeda a splendid opportunity for an on-the-job training program for their followers.

Now get this, according to Iraq's al-Qaeda leader, "The fear of the American Marines has disappeared from the hearts of the world, as the mujahideen have become thousands from the few they were after the fall of the infidel Baath regime."

What the man says makes sense. The world now looks at America's military as beatable. The world knows that Bush and his administration has made mistake after mistake in this war, and that they have done almost nothing to correct the failed policies of this war.

Now, al-Qaeda has thousands of experienced trained troops it can send the world over, and the truth is that George Bush gave then the training ground they needed. Just that fact tells us no matter what happens in Iraq now, we have made a major mistake, and we and much of the world will have to pay for that.

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