Why Don't They Ever Ask the Hard Questions?
by James Glaser
May 1, 2007

Have you ever sat in front of your television watching one of those Sunday news programs waiting for the moderator to ask one of the questions you always wanted answered? Well, I have!

I want to know why the terrorists hate us so much. No, I'm not buying the "they hate our freedom" line George Bush always uses.

I want to know how the insurgents will get over here to attack us if we pull our troops. Heck, I want to know why they would want to come over here, after all they would have already won the war by kicking us out of Iraq.

I want to know why we never had an exit plan for Iraq. I want to know why we are spending billions on permanent bases there, and why we are building the most expensive embassy the world has ever seen in Baghdad.

I want somebody to ask a Congressman how they could have voted for the Patriot Act before it was even printed so they could read it.

I want somebody to ask if the President is as dumb as he sounds. There is nothing wrong with asking that, the man sounds like a fifth grader when he gives a speech.

I would like somebody to ask our politicians how much their portfolio has gone up since the War on Terrorism has started. I would like to know who owns defense industry stock and who owns oil stock.

Every Sunday morning pundit must have been a soft ball pitcher in college. Even the guy claiming his show as "hardball," must have been a soft ball pitcher. Nobody asks the hard questions. They don't ask my hard questions, they don't ask anybody's hard questions, and when the politician side-steps an answer, nobody calls him or her on it.

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