Even Puppets Cut Their Strings
by James Glaser
May 3, 2007

Washington worked hard to make Harmid Karzai (the former Unocal oil company consultant) the president of Afghanistan. Washington called the shots and Karzai followed orders. That worked fine for several years, but even a puppet can reach the end of his string. America keeps killing innocent civilians, and the Afghan president has had enough of that.

Afghan President Decries Civilian Deaths
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Updated: 1:45 p.m. ET May 2, 2007

KABUL, Afghanistan—Afghans can no longer accept or understand civilian deaths from international military operations, President Hamid Karzai said Wednesday after officials said 51 villagers were killed during a U.S.-led offensive against the Taliban in western Afghanistan.

Of course the American military in Afghanistan says they have no knowledge of civilian deaths, but that is a pretty standard answer nowadays. Nobody ever wants to admit to killing innocent people. First off, it gets you bad press, and then it is hard on your troops. It is best to admit nothing, and then the troops can think they were killing terrorists.

Every time we kill another innocent child, parent, or sibling, their loved ones have a high potential to seek some sort of revenge, and really who can blame them? You kill somebody's child, and you can bet they won't forget you did that. President Karzai finished up his thoughts on these last killings saying the following:

"We can no longer accept civilian casualties the way they occur," he added. "It is not understandable anymore."

I have to agree with Harmid Karzai, and if he continues to protest America's killing of his civilian population, he will become a real leader for his people.

For five years George Bush has had our troops in Afghanistan, and still we are in a war there. The one-eyed Taliban president of Afghanistan Mullah Omar, has never given up the fight against us, and neither has Osama bin Laden. Both men are still in that region directing their fighters against our troops.

We have installed Afghan war lords to control much of the country and they have made Afghanistan the opium/heroin supplier for the world. We know George Bush has made a mess in Iraq, and now we know he has done the same in Afghanistan.

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