Conference of the Lambs
by James Glaser
June 14, 2007

Tomorrow I am heading up to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the Conference of the Lambs. About a year ago Wanda started reading a web page about recovering Christian fundamentalists written by Jeri Massi. The web page is called "Bassenco's Blog on the Lilly Pad 2," and it covers a lot of ground—everything from sexual abuse in the Fundamentalist Church, to tributes to that old British science fiction TV show, Doctor Who.

Well, Ms. Massi has researched and written documentaries about abuse in Christian churches, and she has put this conference together, and it seemed so interesting and needed, that I signed up to find out what it is all about. The conference itself is being hosted by the Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. The following are a list of topics that will be covered:

  • Schizophrenic Christianity: How abusive leaders create abusive churches and abusive dynasties
  • Coming out of legalism and finding the grace of God and freedom in Christ
  • How to be a Christian survivor of church abuse: dealing with the fear of going to church without hurting yourself or others
  • Good News! Re-learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ: all the truths you never heard in an abusive church

Like I said, I think it will be interesting, but it doesn't sound like it will be any fun. It is time though to confront the abuse that goes on in many churches, and in my short time in the South looking for a church to attend, I have had the feeling that many ministers I have listened to down here are on a bit of a power trip.

I think many Christians believe that sexual abuse in the Church setting is a Catholic thing, but if you read Massi's blog, you will discover that abuse can creep into any church, and we should all educate ourselves about this vicious sin, also this vicious crime.

I will try and update you on this two-day conference, and for sure will report more on it when I return.

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