Foreign Civilian Deaths Do Not Bother Americans
by James Glaser
June 25, 2007

Again this week Afghan President Hamid Karzai was lamenting the deaths of some of his civilian population. The man is our puppet put in office with CIA bribes, so he should know better than to complain about what he calls our "extreme" use of force fighting the Taliban.

This past week Western forces killed another 90 innocent civilians, but then who is counting? According to the Pentagon, "We don't do body counts." The Pentagon learned that lesson in Vietnam finding that the American public gets upset when we are told day after day of the children we are killing. Out of sight is out of mind, when innocent blood is shed.

Every few months Karzai, who was working in America as an oil executive before we made him president, comes out and complains about the innocent blood that we are shedding in "his" country. This time we were shooting artillery pieces from 24 miles away, into a suspected insurgent target in a civilian populated area.

After five years of bad intelligence, we still will destroy any target that has the possibility of Taliban activity, even if that target is in a civilian area. And what the heck, they are only Afghans. Which is like saying, they are only Iraqis, or they are only Vietnamese. Maybe years ago it was said, they were only Germans, or they are only Japs.

War is hell, and by the grace of God, the American people have no idea of what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. If they did, these wars would be over tomorrow. Countries who remember what war is like tend not to have more wars. Think of Germany, Japan, France, Poland, almost all of Europe. They know what their cities looked like and they remember all the civilian deaths. They know what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that is why most of them stayed out of Bush's Coalition of the Willing. Some greedy leaders were bought, and they sent in token forces, but most countries stayed out, and the Coalition today is a lot smaller.

We will continue to kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan like we do in Iraq. We can't help it with the weapons we are using. In another couple of months President Karzai will complain again, but the deaths will continue.

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