I'm Sorry, But You Have To Be Pretty Stupid To Send Your Kid To Iraq
by James Glaser
June 26, 2007

NEW YORK—Nearly six years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., better than 4 in 10 Americans still wrongly believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in planning or carrying out the actions. Surprisingly, that number has even risen in the past two years, according to a Newsweek poll.

Every day we hear from our media about how our troops have killed or captured al Qaeda fighters in Iraq, even though al Qaeda makes up only about 5% of the insurgent forces fighting us there. George Bush and his administration are trying to make Iraq a fight against terrorism, but in point of fact, 95% of those fighting us are Iraqi patriots, who are fighting a foreign army (that would be us) that is occupying their homeland.

Think for a minute about who you know that you would call an American of average intelligence. Now, remember half of the people in America are less intelligent than that person you thought of as average.

It is a fact, and I heard it from President Bush himself that there was no tie between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attack on our country. It makes you wonder how forty some percent of Americans believe there was.

There is that intelligence factor, but also before admitting there was no tie between the 9/11 attack and Saddam, George Bush and his people, the people who wanted a war with Iraq, lied through their teeth about Iraq and 9/11. They lied about that, they lied about weapons of mass destruction, and now they are lying about the numbers of al Qaeda fighters in Iraq.

All I can figure out is that they just don't like the Iraqi people, and they want to kill as many as they can before George Bush leaves office, and those 40 some percent of Americans who are too dumb to spot a lie, are the ones backing them, and the ones sending their kids off to be killed and maimed over there.

Smart people are not sending their kids over to Iraq to fight for George Bush. In fact, smart people don't even let their kids join the military, because they know the Commander-in Chief is a goof-ball.

I wish I weren't writing this. I wish all American parents were looking out for their children, and the people in Washington could not pull the wool over so many eyes. However the truth is, a lot of not too bright people fall all over themselves for what other people have told them is patriotic.

If it were really patriotic to send your child off to die in Iraq, every member of Congress would be signing up their kids, but the truth is that it is dumb to have you child die in George Bush's War. Iraq never attacked us. Iraq never said they were going to attack us, and get this, Iraq never had the ability to attack us. George Bush knew this, and so did the members of Congress who gave him the money and the authority to attack Iraq.

How many politicians have lost a child or spouse in George Bush's War in Iraq? I rest my case.

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