There are Children in Our War Zone
by James Glaser
June 28, 2007

How many times have you read about a bombing in Baghdad? You know that number must be approaching a thousand. Every day there is some sort of combat going on in Iraq, and every day children are exposed to that combat.

We worry about all of our returning troops who need psychological help with their limited time in the war zone. The children of Iraq are living in that war zone 24/7, year in and year out. They don't have tours of duty. It is true that it has gotten so bad in Iraq, that over 4 million people have left the country, but think about that, and what it does to a child to take them away from every thing they know, to live as a refugee in a foreign land.

Nothing is normal for the children of Iraq. America has turned their lives upside down. Most Iraqi children have lost somebody in their family to George Bush's War, and many children have been killed or maimed. This generation of Iraqi children will suffer the effects of this war until the day they die, and sad to say, for some that won't be for long.

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