Scooter Knew too Much to Be Sent to the Slammer
by James Glaser
July 4, 2007

Scooter Libby knew too much, and he had too much publicity. That is what saved him from doing 30 months in the Big House. If Scooter's trial hadn't been a front pager for months, Dick and George could have had Scooter blown away, but too many people have been following the case.

I imagine that sometime in the past few weeks, Scooter Libby made it known to the people in power, that if he were sent to prison, he was going to start talking or write a book. Well, neither Dick Cheney nor George Bush could afford to have that happen, and they couldn't get away with having the guy killed. So Bush signed a piece of paper that bought Libby's silence, and kept him out of jail.

Just to make sure every thing goes the way they want it to, right-wingers will be sending Mr. Libby more than enough money to pay for his lawyers, his fine, and there will be a tidy sum left over to pay for the sword he fell on.

In about a year or so, some "think-tank" will find a nice consulting job for Scooter, and he will sit and contemplate his navel until it is time to retire.

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