So, Where Do You Vacation In Iraq?
by James Glaser
July 19, 2007

The Iraqi Government is on a month long vacation. Nobody is saying where they are going to spend the month, because they are afraid somebody will kill them if they find out.

George Bush and his White House crew say the Iraqis took this time off, because it is so hot in Baghdad. I just looked it up and at 5 am Baghdad time, it is 86 and will be 105 this afternoon.

Our elected officials think it is too hot for the Iraqis to work, but our troops are there working every day in that heat, while wearing their combat gear. I was working in Tallahassee today, and it was 95. I had on a short sleeve shirt with a huge fan blowing on me. I was only steps away from an air conditioned room, so when I got too hot I could duck in there and cool off. I decided at four this afternoon it was too hot to continue, and headed for home. Our guys are out on patrol in the sun with a lot of gear on and no place to get out of the heat, but nobody is talking about vacation time for them. I doubt if they get to knock off early when they get over-heated. Also, there is the fact that people are trying their best to kill them, which you would think makes it even hotter.

They say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Whenever he feels the need, George Bush takes off thirty days, and heads for his home in Crawford, Texas. You can decide who is the goose and who is the gander, but it would be hard for George Bush to chastise the Iraqi government for taking time off with their country at war, because Bush does the same.

Our Commander in Chief can take all the time off he wants. In fact it has been reported that George Bush has taken more vacation days than any other president in the history of our republic.

For at least the next month our troops can be sure that nothing will be done in Baghdad to get them closer to going home. About 100 of our troops will be killed during this Iraqi government vacation,

Tell me, is this a sick war or what?

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