If Destroying Iraq Was Our Goal, We Have Reached It
by James Glaser
August 22, 2007

When Bill Clinton was in office, his Secretary of State Madeline Albright was asked by Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, if she thought our embargo of Iraq and the subsequent death of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. The United States Secretary of State said that she thought it was.

Killing one half of a million children, and then admitting you did that, is so savage that I never thought we could top that. Well I was wrong. The United States, under the direction of George Bush has almost totally destroyed the country of Iraq. Nobody argues with the fact that over 2 ½ million Iraqis have fled their country, nor does anyone dispute the fact that over one million Iraqi citizens have fled their homes, but are still living in the country.

Nobody will argue with the fact that there is almost no electricity or clean drinking water in Iraq, or that doctors and nurses are fleeing as fast as they can. Colleges and universities for which Iraq used to be famous are closed. Newsweek reports that the "War Has Made Baghdad Pre-Industrial." Babies are born with the help of midwives, and the donkey is replacing the car as a means of travel.

Most people in the world believe that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, and there are very credible claims that the number tops one million. The only group disputing those numbers is George Bush's White House, but even they admit that they don't keep any sort of count. "We don't do body counts."

George Bush has now become our very own Pol Pot, and the world looks at the President of the United States as the number one terrorist in the world. George Bush doesn't know it yet, but he has won this war. He has destroyed Iraq, and has traumatized the whole population of that country.

Somehow, this type of win leaves me with a sick feeling about America and what we now represent to the world.

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