Now We Are Sneaking Into Iraq?
by James Glaser
September 4, 2007

Just how well can things be going in Iraq if our President still has to sneak into that country with a secret flight, in the middle of the night? We keep hearing that the "surge" is working, and that violence is down, but President Bush flew into Al Asad Air Base.

Wikipedia describes the base:

Al Asad Airbase (ICAO: ORAA) is the largest US military base in the largely Sunni western Iraq (Al Anbar Province). It is currently home to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. Other major tenants include the Regimental Combat Team 2, 226th Area Support Group, 630th Corps Support Group, and the 32nd Multifunctional Medical BN (MMB) Forward Distribution Team MWSS 372 Marine wing support group. Al Asad also features a compound for the United States SEABEE'S. Seabee's are a Naval Construction Force currently helping to rebuild infrastructure in Iraq.

This Year George Bush's big push in Iraq has been his troop surge that is supposed to bring security and stability to Baghdad, This secret in the middle of the night flight to an American air base 180 kilometers away from the Iraqi capital pretty well demonstates to us how things are really going.

George Bush wants to win his war in Iraq at any cost, and this trip was going to show the American public that Iraq is safe enough for our President to make a visit.. However by sneaking in under the tightest of security and landing not at the Baghdad airport, but at an American military base surrounded by thousands of Marines, George Bush has demonstarted that Iraq is still too dangerous to have open political meetings with the Iraq government in that nation's capital.

George Bush's War in Iraq has been going on longer than it took us to defeat both Japan and Germany in World War II. By all reports, civilian deaths this year have almost doubled over the totals from last year. American troops continue to lose about three Soldiers or Marines every day and eighteen to twenty are wounded each day. The war goes on, and the children of Iraq continue to lose any chance at a normal childhood. The world watches, seeing the devestation we are causing in Iraq by our presence. Four and a half years of non-stop fighting, and the closest the American President can get to Baghdad is 180 kilometers, and he can only do that with a secret flight in the middle of the night.

And still George Bush talks of victory.

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