Get Ready For The Blizzard, Because George Is Going To Try Another Snow Job
by James Glaser
September 5, 2007

Think back to the run up for George's War on Terrorism in Iraq. Mushroom shaped clouds over American cities? Remember that? How about those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were supposed to be stockpiled all over Iraq? My favorite was George's speech in Poland where he explained to the world that we finally found those weapons, but in fact, what we found were mobile weather balloon trailers. Now you know George only gave that speech in Poland.

In the next couple of weeks the snow machines are coming out of storage, and George, Condi, and Dick will be putting their act back together. Most of the old cast members have jumped ship—Colin and Donald, Scooter and Karl, along with Andrew Card, John Bolton, Richard Perle, Tom DeLay, Paul Wolfowitz, and Jerry Falwell.

Of course the media standbys will be cheering on the sidelines, with Rush, Pat Robertson, Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, New't, Joe Scarborough, and Ann Coulter all reading their copies of the White House Talking Points on the air.

Somebody screwed up though, and a report on Iraq by the Government Accountability Office was leaked. Now the Senate is holding hearings on that report that shows "virtually no political progress by the Iraqi government." One Senator said, "No matter what spin we may hear in the coming days, this independent assessment is a failing grade for a policy that simply isn't working."

That won't matter to President Bush and his crew, because George just knows he and we are on the road to victory in Iraq. No matter what the facts on the ground are, George Bush knows he has to keep this war going until he leaves office. Then, just like Richard Nixon was blamed for the carnage in Vietnam, whichever President follows George Bush will be blamed for Iraq. George will always be able to claim, "We were winning when I was there."

Iraqi civilian deaths are up over last year, and so our American troop deaths, but you will never hear that from Washington in these next few weeks. The generals will be back telling the American people that all they need is a little more time for their troop surge to work. If you think about it, that is the same thing they have been asking for these last four years, a little more time.

American troops will continue to be killed and maimed, as will innocent Iraqi civilians. Not much will change for George Bush except that maybe Americans citizens will realize what the rest of the world already knows, that George Bush is the most dangerous terrorist in the world.

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