Here's the Story
by James Glaser
September 13, 2007

OK, so here is the story the way I got it. George is in the White House, and he has a bunch of Democrats there, and he is talking about what he thinks should happen in Iraq. He starts out by saying that he thinks it is time to start bringing some of our troops home, and that is what he is going to tell the American people tonight.

What George was telling the Democrats was that he was trying to "find some common ground" on the war. Something they could work together on. Well, we know the politicians on the left side of the aisle don't get along with George on much at all, so it should be no surprise that Nancy Pelosi jumped right up and said that the troop reduction wasn't any thing close to being on common ground. In fact, his troop reduction would just take the troop level back to pre-surge levels.

I don't know if that is the way it really happened, but that is the story several people sent me. It does sound to be right on the money though. Last year when George was selling the troop surge, he said back then it would only be for a year. When General Petraeus was being questioned about his recommended troop reduction, he admitted that no matter what happened, he would have to reduce the number of troops in Iraq because the army didn't have any troops to replace the 30,000 who were added for the surge.

So, tonight George Bush is going to tell the nation that he has decided (with the consultation of his field commanders) that things are going so well in Iraq that he can start bringing home some of our American troops. For sure he is not going to say that he has to start bringing them home because the army is stretched so thin that there are not enough troops to keep the current level. Nor is he going to remind people that he told us last year that the surge would only last a year, but he might just pull out that old Mission Accomplished banner and tell us about all the wonderful things that are going on in Iraq because of his "surge."

He might even claim that we are now on the road to VICTORY!!! Who knows, George may even have a "Mission Accomplished. . . Again" Banner behind him, too.

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