by James Glaser
September 26, 2007

"Americans are outraged by the situation in Burma," the president said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly. The military junta renamed the Asian country Myanmar, but the United States does not recognize the change.

The above quote comes from an ABC News report about President George Bush's address to the UN yesterday. About all I can say about the President's comment is, "What am I outraged about, and where the heck is Burma?"

George had a chance to address the whole world with his speech at the UN. He could have talked about what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what we hope the Middle East will look like in the future. He could have talked about democracy and how good it is. He could have talked about freedom and how much Americans cherish it.

But no, George decided to talk about how Americans are upset with what is going on in Burma. I doubt if 10% of Americans could even tell you where Burma is or what is going on in that country. Right now, Americans are upset and focused on Iraq, which we now know the President didn't want to talk about. I guess with most of the world believing that over a millions innocent Iraqis have been killed in George Bush's War, he decided that Iraq would be a bad topic.

When you think about George Bush's time in office, he doesn't have much of anything to talk about. The man has screwed up almost every thing he has tried to do, and for sure the world thinks of him as covered in blood. . . as they should.

So, if you are thought of as the world's worst terrorist and the greatest impediment to peace in the world, all you can do is introduce a totally new topic. George picked Burma, because nobody in the Western Hemisphere knew enough about it to say if George was right or not.

On fact is true, George Bush lied again. Americans are not outraged about what is going on in Burma. Burma is not even a subject that has been discussed. Burma is just one in a long string of George Bush's Red Herrings.

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