I'm Thinking Term Limits Are Sounding Pretty Good Again
by James Glaser
October 4, 2007

It is hard to believe, but it was almost twenty years ago that people were working hard to get term limits put on our politicians in Washington. When you look at what they have been doing lately, term limits seem like a good idea again.

I really don't give a rat's ass about anything Rush Limbaugh has to say. He could tell every man and woman in the Army and the Marines to go to hell, and I wouldn't care at all. The man is a "shock jock." It is his job to say outlandish things to get more crazy people to listen to what he says on his radio program. The whole reason behind the lame things he says is to get listener ship numbers up. That way he can charge more money to the advertisers who bring us his program.

The Democrats are all upset with Rush for something he said about our troops. So, what do they do, they give him more publicity than he could ever buy. They spend our time and our money talking about what Rush Limbaugh has to say. Rush was never in the service, and he knows nothing about foreign policy, or our military. He does however know how to make money with his line of bullshit. He is laughing all the way to the bank, and thanking every Democrat that scorned him.

Don't get me wrong, the Republicans did the same thing with MoveOn.org. They spent about a week in Congress talking about them and the ad they ran that tried to make General David Patraeus look bad. That week, because of the publicity Congress gave them, "Move On" took in a $ million dollars in donations.

Remember a couple of months ago how our Congress went nuts because the Iraqi government went on vacation? Well, the best thing that could happen to us is that our Congress decided to take a few months off. You would think that their low poll numbers would give them the hint to start working on our country's problems, but no, our politicians are too much into their power trips, and they some how think what they are doing will get then reelected. The sad thing is that it probably will.

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