Who Cares?
by James Glaser
October 10, 2007

For a few weeks now I have been asking people who they like in the presidential campaign and what they think of the direction our nation is headed. Sad to say, most people had no opinion.

From what I gathered, it isn't that these people don't care, it is that they don't have the time to pay attention. It isn't uncommon for someone to work one full time and one part time job. I have met a couple of people who have three jobs, and their hours add up to two full time jobs.

When I think about it, the main reason that I can stay up on what is going on is that I can listen to the radio while I work, and I spend a good hour a day reading on the internet. Many of the people I talk to admit that they watch a bit of mindless television for relaxation, and they have their favorite sports team that they keep up with. Down here in Tallahassee that team is usually Florida State.

The last month I have been putting in extra hours trying to get my new gallery open, and I have found that when your body is tired out, usually your mind feels the same. So it is hard to focus on politics and our country.

I find that most people's lives are filled with work and what it takes to just live: clothes washing, yard work, for many, children, a little bit of relaxation with bowling, or time at the gym, maybe an afternoon cook out with friends, and then there is church, too.

Most Americans work all year long. They might take a week of vacation, but from what I have found, most people take only a day here and a day there. Few get any block of time to themselves where they can catch up on current events.

It is kind of like one week follows another, and you are constantly trying to make ends meet. Many people told me there are not enough hours in a day and not enough days in the week to get everything done. I myself have accused the woman who runs the Art Park in which my studio is located of manipulating the calendar. On the first Friday of every month we have what is called a "gallery hop." Every gallery and studio is open to the public on that first Friday of the month, but the months are flying by so fast that when first Friday comes around, it seems like we just had one a couple of weeks ago.

That is the way it is for most people in America. We all live at a hectic pace, and rent or mortgage time comes around faster and faster. We all should be paying attention to what our politicians are doing in Washington, but we don't have the time for that. You know what? I think that is the way those politicians like it.

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