They Continue To Lie
by James Glaser
November 29, 2007

I don't know when I first believed that George Bush and his administration were lying to us, but for the last five or six years, nothing that comes out of the White House do I take at face value. If George Bush says it is Wednesday, I check the calendar.

It isn't just George Bush, it is "Washington" as a whole. That includes politicians from both parties, the lobbyists, think tanks, and for sure television news programs of every channel. Truth has become a stranger in our nation's capital.

The last few weeks, all we hear about is how things are getting so much better in Iraq as a whole and Baghdad in particular. We hear stories about Iraqis returning from exile, but if you read the stories closely, the number of people returning is negligible compared to the millions who have left.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007, David Morgan, writing for YAHOO NEWS, reports, "Nearly 90 percent of U.S. journalists say much of Baghdad is still too dangerous to visit, despite a recent downturn of violence attributed to the build-up of U.S. forces, a poll released on Wednesday said."

Many of those running for president on the Republican side would have us believe that George Bush's troop surge is working, but Morgan reports, "Most journalists said they believe violence and the threat of violence have increased during their tenures."

Career Soldiers will tell us what ever they think the Pentagon and the White House want to hear. After all, they have seen what happens to people who speak their mind. Their careers come to an end.

Republicans and pro-war Democrats need a victory of some sort in Iraq, and if they have to spin that victory or out and out lie to get it, that is what they will do.

Many Americans no longer trust their government, and that is because so many times, when you check the facts, our government is found to be lying.

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