by James Glaser
December 5, 2007

Growing up, the President of the United States was a man that every child could trust. Back in the 50's American presidents were admired by most of the world, and that continued for decades. Even when the American people figured out that they couldn't trust the word of Bill Clinton, the rest of the world admired the man.

George Bush changed that. Even today kids wonder about our president, and for sure the rest of world has lost all admiration for the President of the United States. Why is that? Because our president, George Bush does not tell the truth, and the world watches as the deaths of thousands of innocent people are added to the butcher's bill George Bush has run up in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many Americans believed that we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq because of the 9/11 terrorist attack, but the truth is that no one from those two countries was involved in that crime. Many will tell you that we had to attack Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction, but that wasn't true either.

For years now George Bush has been telling America that Iran is a danger to us. Remember it was in 2002 that he first put Iran in his Axis of Evil group of countries. Last month George was claiming that Iran would start World War III if we let them continue to develop nuclear weapons. Now we find out that was a lie also. Bush was spreading fear throughout America, saying Iran was on the verge of getting atomic weapons, but now we know that the White House has known for months, maybe years, that Iran dropped its program to develop nuclear weapons back in 2003.

We have come to the point in George Bush's presidency that we must realize that nothing the president says can be taken at face value. It doesn't matter if Bush is talking foreign policy or something about our domestic problems, that man can't be trusted to be honest. Just think about all the things George Bush said about the rebuilding of the Gulf States after hurricane Katrina. Many sections of New Orleans look the same as when the flood waters receded. The man can't be trusted on anything

There is no doubt that tens of thousands, some estimates are over a million, innocent men, women, and children have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan because of George Bush's lies. There is no doubt that even more have been wounded, and millions will suffer mental health problems from the years of warfare in their countries. Several million innocent people have been displaced from their homes and their country, and they now live in refuge camps set up in foreign countries. These people owe their plight to George Bush and America.

America is no longer trusted by most of the world, and who can blame them. Lie after lie after lie destroys the trust our country built up over decades of telling the world the truth. Once you lose the respect of others, you probably will never get it back. George Bush has damaged America for decades to come.

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