Who Do We Think We Are?
by James Glaser
December 6, 2007

Maybe I should have written, "Who Does George Bush Think We Are?" Here is a headline from the New York Times, "Bush Says Iran Must Explain Past Nuclear Work." Well, if I was an Iranian, I would be telling George Bush to go F--- himself.

Do we go around telling the world about new weapons systems we are building? Just who the heck does George Bush think we are? I truly believe George wants to be emperor of the world, but he isn't. Every country believes they have a right to protect themselves, and at this time, the United States is the country they think they have to protect themselves from.

If you look around the globe there are a lot of conflicts, but most of them are civil wars or insurrections. The United States is the only country going half way around the globe attacking other countries, and we have been doing that steadily for the past 60 years.

The world does not like George Bush, and with his arrogance, George is making the world not like America as a whole. It used to be that the world loved Americans, but they disliked our government, but when we elected George Bush for a second term, the world started reevaluating the American people.

George Bush represents us to the world, and with all the blood dripping off his hands, the picture the rest of the world gets when they think of us scares them.

Post Script:

In case you missed it, another three Americans were killed in Iraq yesterday. Again we have no word on how many were wounded, but historically, about 18 are wounded on any given day. The American media used to keep us informed on combat loses, but they have gotten lax on that these last few months. Every Soldier or Marine killed this month sets a new record for the most Americans killed in a year in one of George Bush's wars.

George Bush started his first war on October 7, 2001. That is when we attacked Afghanistan, and on October 10th of that year the first American was killed. That was Master Sergeant Evander E. Andrews, age 36, who served in the U.S. Air Force.

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