I Should Be Writing About Christmas
by James Glaser
December 23, 2007

But I'm not. I'm writing this Sunday night and plan to leave this column up for a few days. Besides that, I think there has been enough written about Christmas over the last thousand years, and I doubt if I would be able to come up with something new on the subject.

Actually, I wasn't thinking about Christmas. My thoughts were with all the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, and all the children of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. .

Every one of those people is praying that their loved one will not die this holiday season, but some are praying in vain.

22 Dec 2007 12:00:52 GMT
Source: Reuters

BAGHDAD, Dec 22 (Reuters) — A double roadside bomb attack killed one U.S. soldier and wounded 11 in northern Iraq's Kirkuk province, the U.S. military said on Saturday.
The injured soldiers were evacuated to hospital after the attack, which took place on Friday, the military said.

We don't know if this soldier will be the only American killed this holiday week, but we can hope and pray that he is.

While we are sending out prayers for our loved ones, the people in both Iraq and Afghanistan are doing the same, and many more of them will be suffering the loss of one of theirs.

Thousands of Americans have been killed in these two wars, while tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians have died too.

Maybe while those involved in this war are praying for their loved ones during the holidays and throughout the year, the rest of us could spend some time these next few days praying for peace.

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