What Else Did They Hide?
by James Glaser
January 3, 2008

Really now, it is all about trust. You go through life living with people you can trust. Usually you can trust the ones you love. Trusting your mother is a no-brainer because nobody loves you more. Your dad, sisters, and brothers are next in line for that level of trust that keeps people close.

Best friends are best friends because you can trust them. Your spouse should be some one you trust totally.

So, I have this circle of loved ones, and friends that I trust, but once I leave that circle, the trust level starts to go down. I was a Marine, and for a while I trusted that the Marine Corps would do what was best for me. I lost that trust in Vietnam when I realized that the Marine Corps really didn't give a rat's ass if I or any other Marine was killed or maimed. I believe every command officer in the military is willing to sacrifice as many troops as it takes to make them look good. Call me cynical, my war experience made me that way.

At one time I trusted our government in Washington, but that changed long ago. The United States Government is a scam that gives money and power to a few. I thought our founding fathers had figured it out with that thing called "checks and balances," but that was a long time ago, and after over two hundred years of lawyers making new laws every year, the founding father's rules are a thing of the past.

Today, America has pretty much a one party government, with the Democrats and the Republicans blending into the same party with the same group of power brokers backing both.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. About five years ago the President and Congress decided to look into how the 9/11 attack happened. You do know there are millions of Americans who believe that it was an inside job, don't you? (Those that believe this way obviously have no trust at all in our government.) Well, George Bush, and the Republican and Democrat Congress put together a Commission made up of, Republicans and Democrats. They called it bi-partisan, like that would make it bi-partisan, and they gave them the power to ask anyone they wanted what was what about 9/11.

Well, they asked the CIA what they knew, and the CIA gave the Commission reams of paperwork to look at. However, the CIA decided that they would not give the Commission the hundreds of hours of videotaped records of interrogations of the al Qaeda operatives they were torturing to find out what they knew about 9/11.

The Chairman of the Commission and the Vice-Chairman, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton have both said that the President's chief of staff directed all executive branch agencies to cooperate with the commission. We now know they didn't. In fact, they destroyed the videotapes. So we never will know what the members of al Qaeda said about that attack.

You would think if those video tapes gave the same story as the story Washington has been giving us, they would keep them. The CIA clamed that they were protecting their agents who are in the video tapes by destroying them, but they are the CIA. Wouldn't you think that they would be able to cut their agents out of the tape, and preserve the testimony of the al Qaeda people being questioned?

Either the torture was so horrible or the testimony so different from what we have been told, that the tapes had to be destroyed.

If it really was a Washington inside job, we will never know. In fact if it wasn't an inside job, we will never know that either, because the proof has been destroyed.

So, today we are supposed to trust that the politicians and former politicians have been telling us the truth about how and why the terrorists attacked us on 9/11/2001.

For me, I didn't trust the government to tell the truth before that attack came. I'm not saying the attack was an inside job, because I don't know. But I can tell you this, no matter what they say now, you could only believe them because you trust they are honest. You would have to do that, because the evidence has been destroyed.... by our own government. Does that destruction make any sense to you?

All that does for me is make me wonder what else they have destroyed or what other evidence have they hid. Just the other day I read that the 1947 CIA budget is still a State Secret. If they feel they have to keep a 60 year old budget secret, imagine what else they keep from us.

Scary huh?

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