Don't Impeach Bush, Impeach the Democrats
by James Glaser
January 7, 2008

Former Democrat Senator and Presidential contender George McGovern came out with a column in the Washington Post on Sunday, in which he said that President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached.

McGovern makes his case for impeachment by listing all the things Bush-Cheney have done, from "repeatedly violating the Constitution" to having "transgressed national and international law." He goes on and on with the Iraq war and secret prisons and torture, and all of it is true, but it is old hat.

Both Parties in Congress know all about what George and Dick have been doing these last seven years, but they don't care, and that is why I say we should impeach the Democrats.

Nobody could expect the Republicans to make a case for impeachment against someone in their own party, but what about the Democrats? They know just as well as you and I and George McGovern that Bush and Cheney are criminals, in fact, War criminals. However, that doesn't matter to the Democrats.

The Democrats are so sure that they are going to take over the White House and get strong majorities in both Houses of Congress, that they will not do anything that has even a remote chance of ruining that take-over. The Democrats don't care about the Rule of Law or the Constitution. All they care about is power.

You know for sure they don't care about our borders, and why is that? It has been reported that most Hispanics will vote Democrat. The millions illegally coming into our country could all be card-carrying al Qaeda members, and if they said they would vote for the Democrats, they would be welcomed with open arms. Right now they are being welcomed in with open borders.

Even if George and Dick were charged with High Crimes and Misdemeanors, their term would end before Congress could get any hearings started. With this being an election year, it will be hard to get anyone from the Senate or the House to stick around Washington to do their job. This year, every elected official believes his or her job is to get re-elected.

The Democrats were elected in 2006 to get the troops home from Iraq, and they have done nothing. They have sat around for seven years and watched Bush-Cheney walk all over the Constitution and put America in the forefront of countries who torture, and they have done nothing.

I say, it is time to impeach the Democrat Party, for aiding and abetting the President and Vice President in their crimes.

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