In America, Free and Fair Elections are a Thing of the Past


I'm Glad Hillary Won in New Hampshire
by James Glaser
January 10, 2008

Don't get me wrong, I don't want Hillary Clinton to be our President, but I am sick and tired of the media trying to send votes to one candidate over another. After Iowa, the media used its own polls to try and tell voters it was all over for Clinton, and that Obama would win with a double digit lead. They were wrong. They were wrong, because they don't pay attention to what the voters want. The media pays attention to what their advertisers want. They push whoever will bring them the highest ratings.

If you listen to somebody like Chris Matthews on his program called "Hardball," you find that this self prescribed journalist doesn't even attempt to inform voters about a candidate's positions or qualifications. The program is heavy on gossip and short on facts.

There isn't even any reason to talk about Fox News, except to say nothing about that station has anything to do with their logo of "fair and balanced."

I have yet to hear a political program that gives in-depth descriptions of each candidate. When the American media interview someone running for President, they are trying to get the candidate to slip up, or say something nasty about one of their opponents.

Every candidate puts out a series of "white papers" about how they would handle foreign policy, the War on Terror, Social Security, health care, and many other topics, but you would never know it if all you heard was what the media was saying. The media has turned our presidential election into entertainment. They don't care about the election, what they care about are the ratings their political shows can get, and the money those shows bring in with advertisements.

Like so many things in America today, the American election system is really all about money. Which candidate can get the most money, so he or she can spend that money with the media. Elections are a cash cow for the media, and the media is doing everything it can to keep it that way.

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