George's Last State of The Union Speech
by James Glaser
January 29, 2008

Yes, I did stay awake for the whole speech, but it was hard. It is pretty obvious that George Bush sees nothing pressing with our economy, and that we shouldn't fear a recession. However, he does believe that al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq. By the way, five American soldiers were killed there today, and three more were killed this weekend.

Now the rest of this column comes from my notes. It seems the President wants Congress to cut half of the pork spending in some bill that is headed for his desk, otherwise President Bush will veto the bill. He didn't say why he wants them to keep the other half in the bill.

George wants Congress to spend more money on mortgage relief, and he wants more money for displaced workers. He also wants more nuclear power plants, and more coal fired ones too.

Here is a statement Bush made that really didn't make that much sense to me. (I should have said this is one of many, that didn't make much sense to me) "We must trust students to learn."

The President said that in Washington DC, our government paid for 2,600 children to leave public schools to attend religious schools, and the President wants more money to do that. In that same vain, President Bush said, "Faith Based Groups need more federal funds."

As in every other speech President George Bush has made, 9/11 was brought up, and he warned again about "evil men who despise freedom."

Here is another one of those mystery Bush quotes, "For peace, we are spreading the hope of freedom." I know that doesn't sound right, but remember I am quoting George W. Bush.

Last, but not least, the President said we need more wire taps on American citizens, and we need to give amnesty to the companies who helped the federal government do illegal wire taps on American citizens.

Oh yeah, the new mission in Iraq is now called, "The Protective Over-Watch Mission." Again, this was a George Bush line.

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