And I Bet You Thought You Were Safe
by James Glaser
January 31, 2008

It seems that it happens every time I go to a Veterans Administration Hospital or Clinic. Like any hospital, there is reading material in the waiting room. At the VA it is usually very old, and it is all donated by veterans. There are magazines from the VFW, American Legion, Blind Vets, and The Fraternal Order of the Purple Heart, and maybe a copy of the Jewish Veterans magazine. In with those it is not uncommon to find a copy of the Agent Orange Review or something put out by a local Post.

During today's appointment I was reading a copy of the "Free Fire Wire" a handout from Chapter 96 of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Under the heading, "The Agent Orange Saga Continues," there was a report of how Vietnam wasn't the only place our government sprayed Agent Orange. Spraying from planes was not the only way to cover the ground with chemicals. "Defoliants were also sprayed from land vehicles and 'Indian Tanks' on the backs of GIs."

The article directed you to a VA web page that gives a Department of Defense Report on "Herbicides Used Outside of Vietnam."

We have been testing and using these chemicals for decades, and here is a list of some of the places we tried them out.

Apalachicola National Forest, Florida
Fort Gordon, Georgia
Fort Chaffee, Arkansas
Porta Rico
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
Beaumont, Texas
Bushnell Army Air Field, Florida
Terre Haute, Indiana
Madison, Indiana
Granite Peak, Utah
Avon Air Force Base, Florida
Detrick, Maryland
Marinette, Wisconsin
Westaco, Texas
Galatin Valley, near Bozeman, Montana
Pinal Mountains, near Globe, Arizona
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
Fort Drum, New York
Hilo, Hawaii
Kanai, Hawaii
Jacksonville, Florida
Gulfport, Mississippi
Hays, Kansas
Langdon, North Dakota
Beaumont, Texas
Prosser, Washington
Brawley, California
Fort Richie, Maryland
Fort Meade, Maryland
Avon Park, Florida
Kingston, Rhode Island
Orlando, Florida
Marathon, Florida
Wayside, Mississippi
Greenville, Mississippi
Stone Valley Experimental Forest, Pennsylvania
Cocoa, Florida
Fort Knox, Kentucky

And these were just the places in the US. We also sprayed in:


These are the places that the Department of Defense admits to using herbicides. Here is a list of some of the chemicals they were using.

Cacdylic acid
Sodium cacodyiate
Dowco 173
Triethanoiamine sulphamate
Urox 22
Butyl 2,4d
Ammonium salt
Hyvar xws
Urox oil
Agent Orange
Agent blue
Acp m-118
Agent White
Hca 2,4,5
Agent Purple
2 4-d
ln phenoxy

This list isn't everything they were using, but it gives you some idea of the kitchen sink of chemicals they have sprayed around America. Children in Vietnam are still born with birth defects, Vietnam veterans are still coming down with illnesses attributed to herbicide spraying during the war, and we don't know what all of these chemicals are.

More important, we don't know if the Department of Defense has stopped this kind of testing, nor do we know if other government agencies have done these kinds of tests in our country or if they have on-going tests today.

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