Yeah Sure, We're Winning
by James Glaser
February 6, 2008

WASHINGTON — Islamic insurgents are expanding their numbers and reach in Afghanistan and Pakistan, spreading violence and disarray over a vast cross-border zone where al Qaida has rebuilt the sanctuary it lost when the United States invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks.

That paragraph comes from McClatchy Newspapers in an article titled, "Insurgencies Spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan," by Jonathan S. Landay, February 3, 2008.

To understand the importance of this article, we have to remember that we have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001. That means Americans have been in combat in that country for over seven years, and there is no end in sight. In fact the last couple of years, we have been losing ground, and that happened after we deployed NATO troops there to help us.

"Make no mistake, NATO is not winning in Afghanistan," warned an Atlantic Council of the United States report last week. The report was directed by retired Marine Corps Gen. James Jones, the former top NATO commander. "What is happening in Afghanistan and beyond its borders can have even greater strategic long-term consequences than the struggle in Iraq."

If NATO is not winning, then the United States is not winning either. When we first attacked Afghanistan, that country may well have been the most pitiful Third World Country on earth. Like the Soviets before us, we are finding that this war is becoming more than we bargained for

"The Taliban in Afghanistan now control more of the country than at any time since 2001, and their confederates in the tribal areas of Pakistan are expanding their operations almost day by day. While our attention has been diverted by Iraq, we've overlooked a potentially far more serious threat to the security of all Americans," Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., told McClatchy.

For years now, President George Bush has been claiming victory in Afghanistan, and he touted our success there in last month's State of the Union Speech, but he had to admit that 3,000 more United States Marines would be sent to Afghanistan to help with the increase of violence there.

Over seven years after we first attacked that country, and we are sending in additional troops to help with the fighting, but yet Bush and his White House continue to claim victory in Afghanistan.

Sad isn't, it, how they play with words, so that they can keep on killing people.

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