Wake Up Condoleezza
by James Glaser
February 15, 2008

Secretary of State Condolezza Rice got a little miffed when Representative Robert Wexler asked about the Bush Administration's 935 false statements about Iraq before we went to war there. Wexler was asking about a report produced by the non-partisan Center for Public Integrity.

Well, Condi got a little worked up when Rep. Wexler said, "This study has found that you, Madame Secretary, made 56 false statements to the American people where you repeatedly pump up the case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and exaggerate the so-called relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda."

Now Representative Wexler wasn't asking if the Secretary of State lied once or twice, but 56 times, and here is what "Madame Secretary" had to say:

"Congressman, I take my integrity very seriously and I did not at any time make a statement that I knew to be false, or that I thought to be false, in order to pump up anything. Nobody wants to go to war."

If you read that again, you will see that Ms. Rice is saying that she didn't make any statements she knew to be false in order to pump up anything. She isn't saying that she didn't make any false statements. We now know many of her pre-war statements have been proven to be false, knowingly or unknowingly made. Condoleezza Rice has never apologized to the American people or the loved ones of the tens of thousands of Americans troops killed and wounded because of those false statements.

Here is the kicker. Ms. Rice went on with this statement:

Now we have learned that many of the intelligence assessments were wrong, I will be the first to say that it was not right. At no time did I intend to, or do I believe that I put forward false information to the American people.

Condoleezza Rice right there says that the information she was given was wrong, but in the very next sentence she says that nothing she said was false. She still will not admit that the false statements she made were indeed false.

I imagine if you have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on your hands, it would be hard to own up to your knowingly or unknowingly wrong doing. Some day though, Ms. Rice will have to face a higher power, and she won't be able to feel indignant about statements made about what she has done.

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