by James Glaser
February 28, 2008

Politicians, that is who we have running for President. It doesn't matter which candidate you choose, they are all pretty much career politicians. Another thing they all have in common, they are all millionaires.

Most people think Barack Obama is the novice in the political field, but actually he has been an elected official four years longer than Hillary Clinton. Obama was first elected in 1997, while Hillary has only been serving since 2001. John McCain is the longest serving, having been elected to the US House in 1982, and staying in Washington as an elected politician ever since.

So, here were are, really down to three candidates, and one of them will become president. John McCain has been working for the government since 1958. That is over fifty years. Hillary hasn't been working for the government that long, but she was First Lady in Arkansas for a couple of terms, and then First Lady in the White House for two terms, and now she is on her second six year term as a Senator. So, she has a lot of time in the government. Barack Obama does have more elected time than Hillary, but he is really the newer member of the political elite of this country.

Something else these three all have in common, and that is all three are still taking a pay check from the government even though all three are campaigning full time trying to get a new job. That is how politicians do it here in this country. Once they are on the dole, it is hard to get them off. I am sure whichever two lose the bid to become president will still be in the Senate. They might resign, as they will all be able to make way more money doing what they do best — talk. Former candidates can make millions on speaking tours. That is why Mike Huckabee is still in the race. He can't win, but he can get the price he charges for a speech higher if he stays in and gets more name recognition.

Like I said, the people running for president are all politicians, and that is about the only thing they know how to do. Each of them believes that he or she will be able to become the CEO of our nation, and the most powerful person in the world. Yet nothing in their respective careers has given them the experience needed to do a good job. Remember, they are politicians, and that is what they are good at, but is a politician what we need?

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