Man Are We Touchy or What?
by James Glaser
March 12, 2008

It looks like if Barack Obama is elected as our President, no one will ever be able to comment on the color of our President's skin without being branded as a racist. Geraldine Ferraro just resigned as a senior member of Hillary Clinton's campaign finance committee for saying, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position." What she was talking about was that Senator Obama is leading Senator Clinton in the campaign to be the Democrat's nominee for president, and that his being black has helped his campaign.

Well Duh! Yesterday was the Mississippi presidential primary, and Barack Obama, a black man received 90% of the African American vote, while Hillary Clinton received 73% of the White American vote. That pretty much proves Ferraro's comment. Most likely, if Barrack Obama were White or Hispanic, Hillary Clinton would have received the lion's share of the black vote, based on the Clinton family's good standing with the African American community. Mississippi is not the only state where Obama took most of the black vote as this quote from Black Star News shows:

Super Tuesday may not have decided the Democratic or Republican presidential nominations but it did redraw the map of Black politics in some significant ways. Black voters throughout the country — and particularly throughout the South — embraced the "new politic" message of the Barack Obama campaign. In Georgia, Obama polled 88% of the Black vote, in Alabama 84%, in Arkansas74%, in Tennessee 77%. In the northeast, Obama polled 82% of the Black vote in New Jersey and 74% in Connecticut.

To me, it is perfectly understandable that the African American community would come out in droves to vote for their fellow African American, Barack Obama, but they might not have if he were just another white Senator from Washington, by way of Chicago.

Geraldine Farraro pointed out that she most likely would not have been the Vice-president candidate for the Democrat Party twenty years ago, if her name would have been Gerald instead of Geraldine. She admits she got her a lot of her votes from her own gender group... women.

Last week a top senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama, Samantha Power, had to resign for calling Hillary Clinton a "Monster" in an interview with a European newspaper. You have to ask yourself if calling someone a "monster" is more offensive than pointing out the fact that being African American gives one the inside track with African American voters.

Better yet, who cares what anyone on either side is saying other than the candidates? Just maybe these tit for tat resignations are a cover-up for the lack of substance in the campaigns of either Democrat candidate.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, will we be allowed to say anything about her gender? If Barack Obama gets to the top office will referring to his race become taboo?

Here we are in an American election and people are becoming afraid to say whet they think because they will so easily be branded as a racist or a women hater. So much for Free Speech in this country. And just how are we ever going to get the media to keep the candidates on subject, if every time some staffer speaks their mind, the whole news cycle changes from the message of the campaign to she said this or he said that?

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