George Bush's 3am Call Came at 9am
by James Glaser
March 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton came up with an advertisement asking, "Who would you trust to be President of the United States, when a crises call comes into the White House at 3 o'clock in the morning?"

George Bush was lucky as he was reading The Pet Goat to a bunch of young school children when he got the call about the 9/11 attack. If you remember back to that day, George Bush could think of nothing to do except to go back to reading to those children, and when he finished that book, he went into hiding for the rest of the day.

You would have thought that George's upbringing would have prepared him better for that call. After all, his father had been the head of the CIA, a Congressman, and President and Vice-President. The problem for George W was that much of his adolescent years were filled with alcohol and cocaine use. So, young George wasn't in any shape to get the benefit of his Dad's experience. You also have to remember that when things really got going during the Vietnam War, George W. Bush deserted, and I, like hundreds of thousands of other veterans believe George should be in prison for that desertion instead of being the Commander-in-Chief.

Like many young Americans, George Bush got scared when he thought he might have to go to Vietnam. Either that or he just got tired of playing "fly boy," and knew his Dad's connections could cover anything he did... and they could.... and they did.

So, we can see that George W. Bush's life experiences didn't prepare him for his crisis call, and when it came, he did just what he had learned — nothing. In fact, he ran away and hid.

So, now Hillary Clinton is asking the question, "Who of the three remaining candidates do you want answering that crisis call at 3 a.m.?" Or like George Bush, 9 a.m.?

We have no idea of what John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama might do or not do in a crisis situation like 9/11, no matter what time that call comes in. Neither do these candidates know what they would do. They will all tell you that they are ready, and that they are good under pressure, but many people thought George W. Bush would be good, too.

The test will come, and it might be a national disaster like the hurricane that hit our Gulf Coast, or it might be an attack like 9/11. We now know that George Bush wasn't ready for either one of those. It is kind of a crap shoot, and we'll go into the voting booth hoping we pick the right one, but we won't know if we were right until that call comes.

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