Better Cannon Fodder
by James Glaser
May 27, 2008

President Bush and Senator John McCain, it is reported, are against a New GI Bill proposed by two Vietnam Veteran Senators, Jim Webb — a Democrat, and Chuck Hagel — a Republican. It seems that both Bush and McCain feel this new G I Bill will give those who have served this country too many educational benefits. The bill would pay full tuition, plus other expenses at a four-year university if the veteran served at least three years since 9/11.

McCain and the President favor a G I Bill authored by McCain that isn't so generous with benefits, because they are afraid that too many of our troops will decide to go to school and get an education. In their eyes, that would be a bad thing. They both want the men and women serving today to stay in the military and make it a career.

You know, and I know, and I guess the President and Senator McCain know that if a person gets an education, they will become smart enough to realize that spending one's life working for the Pentagon is not a very smart move. They both must believe our best bet to keep a strong military is to keep our troops ignorant.

I think both George and John know that the Pentagon needs cannon-fodder, but what they are not recognizing is that with a new G I Bill that offers a full ride to a college degree, it will be much easier to recruit those ranks that are now expendable.

With this new bill in place we will no longer have to take young men and women who have never finished high school. We won't have to take those with mental health problems or those who have criminal records. Soon, because of these new education benefits, normal, young, high school graduates, who have no criminal past will be signing up to see if they can play Russian Roulette and make it through three or four tours in the combat zone so they can have a chance for a college education.

America, you got to love it!

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