Now It's Prison Ships?
by James Glaser
June 4, 2008

The last few years, it seems that we have heard about more and more atrocities committed by our government. I think it was last year that we found out, and President Bush admitted, that we had secret prisons all over the globe, and that the CIA held prisoners there. Of course these prisoners had no rights, their families had no idea of where they were or even if they were alive. These prisoners were tortured, and is many cases, murdered.

That's right, the United States of America has this new policy, and Washington now feels it is legal to kidnap anyone from anyplace in the world, and if we want, we can torture and kill them. Again, that is the United States of America doing this, and we admit it.

Now, here is a new twist. Just like in an old movie you might see late on a Saturday night, we (the USA) have prison ships floating on the ocean where we hold prisoners. Those prisoners, like the prisoners held in our secret CIA prisons, have no legal rights. We can torture them, and I suppose we can kill them, and I guess body disposal would be easy—over the side, wrapped in a sheet.

If you want, Google, "Prison ships, torture claims, and missing detainees." The column was written by Duncan Campbell and Richard Norton-Taylor of The Guardian. It was dated June 2, 2008. In the report they name the ships we hold prisoners on—The USS Bataan, USS Peleliu, and USS Stockham.

I guess it would be honest to say that America no longer believes in the Rule of Law. Now the rest of the world knows we have been doing this type of thing for a long, long time, but now we are so brazen that even our President admits to these actions. Saying we have lost our way does not even come close. I have to wonder what new revelation will appear next about what our government is doing in secret.

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