What Do We Really Want?
by James Glaser
June 30, 2008

Before you and I walk into that voting booth, we should know what we really want in a president. For me, bringing the troops home from Iraq is not enough. Even if someone was willing to bring the troops home from Afghanistan too, that would not be enough either.

I want it all. I want all of our troops to come home from all over the world. I can understand a contingent of Embassy Guard Marines at our embassy in every foreign capital we have an ambassador, but that really should be it.

In the last 60 some years since WW II, the world has gotten a lot smaller, and we can send bombers and rockets to any place on the globe in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Yet, we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year, just to house troops all around the world. We really have no need for garrison troops in as many countries as we have now. We have thousands of troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Italy to name a few. We even have a few thousand in Portugal.

When you can't understand why Washington is doing something, just look at where the money is going. In this day and age of technology, money is about the only reason to keep hundreds of thousands of troops overseas. With billions of dollars being spent at every foreign American base every year, somebody is making big money.

Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain even talk about our troop strength overseas. Spending that defense money in foreign lands is a given for both of these men. So, if you have any thoughts of "The Empire" bringing its troops back home again, then you had better vote for some one else. Both of these men want us to continue to rule the world. They don't want to just be a president, they want to be Emperor.

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