What Did You Expect?
by James Glaser
July 4, 2008

It seems that the anti-war crowd is getting upset with Barack Obama. Now that Obama has the nomination wrapped up, he has decided to "refine" his plans to withdraw our troops from Iraq.

Last month Obama was talking about how ill-conceived the war in Iraq was, and how he was the candidate who would bring our troops home. This month he wants to think things over, make a "thorough assessment," and see if "conditions still hold" for his proposed pull-out of the troops.

You have to know that Senator Obama is getting some big campaign contributions from the defense industry, and every additional week they can keep our troops in the field will mean millions in profits. Sad to say, but Barack Obama is a politician, and politicians know which side their bread is buttered on.

Obama hasn't just changed his mind on the time-table to end this war, there is also the fact that he is now supporting domestic wire-tapping, has changed his stance on gun control, has decided free trade might not be so bad after all, and made a hard-line speech about Iran.

So, you know the Israeli Lobby got to him, international corporations started pumping money his way to get him thinking about free-trade, and just maybe the NRA could be right on who can own guns after all.

Like I said, Barack Obama is a politician. Right now he is so close to becoming president, he can taste it, and he, like any other politician will do and say what ever he thinks will get him the most votes.

Obama knows the anti-war people and the unions will have to stay with him no matter what, because for them, he is still far better than John McCain ever could be. And the Jews? Well the Jews have money and they have a good voting block in Florida, so getting down on Iran will do him nothing but good, and you know the NRA has 3 or 4 million votes that no Democrat has had for years. A little pandering about guns will only take votes away from McCain too.

Remember, this is an election, and no matter what you think the politician of your choice stands for, it can change. Barack Obama is no different than any other politician.

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