Are You Worried Too?
by James Glaser
July 15, 2008

You know, I started to worry a few weeks ago when President Bush gave a speech telling the world that America's economy was strong. These last few years, I start to worry whenever George Bush says something positive.

It really doesn't matter any more if you are Republican, Democrat, or an Independent in your political beliefs, because you know we have a President today who has a real hard time with the truth. A few years ago the Republicans would not believe that, but today a majority of them know that is true.

Here are a few headlines from yesterday: "Which Bank Next?" — "150 Banks Nationwide Could Potentially Fail Over Next Year" — "Lines for Cash in California" and "$145 a Barrel" On top of that, some foreign company bought Anheuser-Busch, and you and I are going to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Meanwhile the President of the United States is thinking things are OK. The Democratic candidate for President isn't even in the country talking to Americans. No, he is heading to Europe to make speeches, and then he is off to Iraq to decide what should be done there.

Senator Barack Obama is still taking his pay check, and I bet we are paying for this trip. The Senate is in session, and that is where he should be if he is taking our money to do the job of a Senator.

It is the same for John McCain. He hasn't been to the Senate for months, but he is taking his check, too. If you think it's bad that Obama has to now go to Iraq to decide if his ideas about that country and our war there are right, get this. John McCain claims that he can cut taxes, continue on with both of George Bush's wars, and balance the budget in four years.

One thing both McCain and Obama have in common with George Bush is that they can lie with a straight face to the American people. I really don't know if Barack Obama has stayed truthful to any of the policies he told us about when he was running in the primary, and John McCain is really out in never-never land when it comes to his ideas about war and the economy.

So, I will admit it. I am worried about where our country is going and who is going to run it. This presidential election is a lose-lose one for you and me. It doesn't matter who wins, we can't trust either one to do what they say.

What is so sad about where our country is today, is that we are giving our children and their children a country that is way in debt, stuck in two wars, and is feared and hated by much of the world. Maybe you and I are worried, but I bet many of our children are afraid, and our grandchildren will be.

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