Does It Matter Where Soldiers Die?
by James Glaser
July 29, 2008

First it was John McCain touting how the "surge" was working so well in Iraq. McCain said you could see the proof with the numbers of Americans killed getting smaller. Now, Barack Obama has had to admit fewer losses, but he still thinks the troop surge was wrong in the first place,

What neither candidate wants to talk about is the fact that deaths are down in Iraq, but they are up in Afghanistan. John McCain wants to start another troop surge, and even though Obama was against the surge in Iraq, he wants his own surge in Afghanistan.

I don't know about you, but I want the next President of the United States to at least talk about working toward peace. Both McCain and Obama are talking about escalating our war in Afghanistan, and if either of them see a Jew in their audience, they immediately start talking about attacking Iran.

It really doesn't matter where American troops are killed, nor does it matter where our military is killing innocent civilians, all of these deaths are a crime.

When our country kills Iraqi women and children it is a crime. When we kill Afghani women and children it is a crime. And if we start killing Iranian women and children, that will be a crime too.

Every time we kill a mother or child or an old man or a young man, a blind man or an insane women, somebody in a wheelchair or somebody who can't hear we commit a crime.

I also think every time one of our presidential candidates starts to rant and rave about moving in more troops or talks about attacking some other pitiful country, which scares the heck out of the civilian population of that country, well that is a crime too.

We need a Peace Candidate, and we don't have one. American troops will continue to die in pitiful third world countries fighting in wars that are a crime.

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