The Democrats Are Not Antiwar
by James Glaser
August 28, 2008

Check this quote out.

"I do not believe this is a rush to war. I believe it is a march to peace and security. I believe that failure to overwhelmingly support this resolution is likely to enhance the prospects that war will occur."

Those are the words of the Democrat's presumptive vice-presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden. The resolution he was talking about was the one that gave George Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

Stephen Zunes, writing for Foreign Policy in Focus said this about Senator Biden. "The veteran Delaware senator has been one of the leading congressional supporters of U.S. militarization of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, of strict sanctions against Cuba, and of Israeli occupation policies.

Back in 2002, Biden was the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and when that committee was trying to decide if they would give President Bush the power to start a war, Biden wouldn't even allow out top arms inspector, Scott Ritter, to testify.

You might say that Biden will only be an advisor to Barack Obama when and if he is voted in as President, and that the Democrats really do want to end George Bush's wars. Well not according to Barack Obama. Senator Obama has told America he wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan by having his own troop surge there. True, he does want to end combat operations in Iraq, but he has never talked about bringing all the troops home from there.

There is little doubt that John McCain is a war monger on par with George Bush, but just because McCain is ready to send in the troops at the drop of a hat does not mean the Democrats are any better. What we are stuck with are two major party candidates who will keep us on a war footing throughout their term in office.

Both parties will throw around the word "peace" every chance they get. They know the American people like hearing that, but both parties are beholding to money from the defense industry.

We might as well be resigned to the fact that as long as we elect Democrats or Republicans, we as a country are going to be at war some place on this globe. Remember, the United States of America has been selling more weapons to third world countries than any country in the world. We have had that title for almost two decades.

Like it or not, we are the Merchants of Death in the 21st century.

So, if you want to continue with our past 60 plus years of being at war, vote for either McCain or Obama, and you will get your wish. If you truly want a chance for peace, then you are going to have to vote for a third party candidate.

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