Now Obama Claims He Is Still A U.S. Senator
by James Glaser
September 3, 2008

If you look at Barack Obama's web site, you can learn that he was sworn in on January 4th 2005, and that he started his candidacy for President of the United States on February 10th, 2007. That same web site gives you a break-down on how Barack Obama voted while in the Senate.

Since January of 2007, Barack Obama has had 196 opportunities to vote on bills, resolutions, and reports that have come before the Senate, but because of being out on the campaign trail, Senator Obama was "not voting" on 129 of those votes.

Like every other candidate, Barack Obama has decided to keep his title as United States Senator, but has pretty much quit the job. Oh, and just like all the other Senate candidates for president, Obama continues to take his pay check. Those candidates would include Senator John McCain, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Joe Biden.

If all the candidates running for President of the United States, who hold a federal job, would resign to take to the campaign trail, we would have saved millions in wasted tax dollars that continue to go for their pay and privileges.

The reason I bring this up about Barack Obama is that he is now trying to use his time in the Senate as evidence that he has the governmental experience to be president, and that his executive experience is more than that of Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, who is running for vice-president. So, let's get this straight, Obama would like us to believe that he has been a Senator for over three and a half years, but in truth he missed most of the last one and half plus years in office while he was on the campaign trail.

That leaves Obama with just two years as a "real" Senator, and I don't think any Senators claim that position could be regarded as being an executive. Obama also had the same job as an Illinois State Senator, but again that is not an executive position. So as far as having executive experience goes, Obama looks to have none. In additional, on a personal note, we can see by his own web page voting record that he is not above taking money while doing nothing to earn it. Maybe that is the executive experience Obama is talking about

I know almost nothing about Sarah Palin, other that the fact that she was the mayor of a town with a population of 9,000, she is right now the Governor of the State of Alaska, and is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard. All three of these jobs would be executive positions.

I have already decided that there are no honorable men running for President from either of the two major parties, and let's face it, neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have any real executive experience that they can claim with a straight face. Let me take that back. Being that they are both professional politicians, they can say anything true or not with a straight face. But neither can with an honest one.

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