Should Washington Tell Us When It Starts A New Illegal War?
by James Glaser
September 9, 2008

It would seem to me that when American troops start killing people in another country, that would be the start of a war. The New York Times reported yesterday that "Five missiles fired from American pilotless aircraft Monday hit a large compound in North Waziristan." That part of Waziristan is in Pakistan,

According to the Times, the attack "killed nine people, including two children." Of course when asked, "A spokesman at the United States Embassy in Islamabad, Lou Fintor, said the embassy had no comment on the strike."

The article goes on about an attack America made last week. "The attack comes a week after the first publicly acknowledged ground operation by American Special Operations forces against Taliban operating inside Pakistan." Remember that was the "first publicly acknowledged ground operation." We really have no idea of how long we have been attacking inside Pakistan. The attack yesterday was the third attack in Pakistan since we sent in ground troops last week.

I just think if George Bush is going to expand his War on Terrorism, we as citizens have a right to know about it. These secret attacks make me wonder how many other countries have we attacked since George Bush took office. Secret attacks on foreign countries might explain why much of the rest of the world dislikes us so much.

I don't know, but just maybe we have forces in the Republic of Georgia doing sneaky things. If Washington doesn't want us to know, chances are we will never find out, but nothing George Bush would do surprises me.

There is something in the Constitution about Congress being the governmental body that must declare war before we attack somebody, but then that Constitution has become passé, and for sure nobody in the White House or in the Halls of Congress cares about that document anymore.

Soon, we will be having the body of some poor Soldier or Marine coming home from this new war, and I wonder what the Pentagon will tell the family. He or she was killed in this place that we really were not in "wink wink," but rest assured that your son or daughter was killed defending their country.

You know the generals at the Pentagon are working late tonight trying to come up with just the right shiny medal to give to the troops who have are being sent to this new illegal war.

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