Things That Concern Me About Obama
by James Glaser
September 11, 2008

Really, I should have titled this, "Barack Obama Shouldn't be President." Somehow that seemed too harsh, but it really is how I feel. Just maybe if Barack Obama had stayed the "anti-war/change candidate" he started out to be, I might be thinking about voting for him. However, the Senator from Illinois was not intelligent enough to stick with that winning message.

Yesterday, it was the lipstick flair up. Every ad or story about Sarah Palin has her line about hockey moms wearing lipstick. So, when Obama tries to use an off-the-cuff joke, using one with lipstick in it was a very bad choice.

It doesn't matter if that is what he was trying to do or not. What matters is that it was offensive, and Obama should have apologized. I don't know what Barack Obama was taught about being polite growing up, but I know when you say something, and you find out your words offended somebody, even if you didn't mean to, the first thing you should do is say, "I'm sorry." Certainly that would be the first thing any gentleman would say, period.

What makes this whole lipstick episode worse, is that now Barack Obama is saying that Palin's outrage is phony. That makes his response even worse. When dealing with someone you've offended, you don't get to decided whether or not their was offense taken.

In many circles Obama is considered an arrogant elitist. Well, choosing to decided whether or not a person is offended is exactly how an arrogant elitist would react. Besides, when a man starts making excuses, he looks more and more guilty.

This little episode tells us that Barack Obama is not very smart when it comes to ad-libbing a line, and if he were to speak without notes to some foreign leader, he could get our country into trouble. We can only hope if that happened, "President" Obama would know how to apologize.

Here are a few other observations about Barack:

Last fall and this spring Barack Obama was the darling of the Democratic anti-war movement. "Bring the troops home!" That is what he was saying. Today Barack Obama wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, and he is talking about keeping some troops in Iraq. On top of that Obama is talking about nuclear weapons and Iran. Like I said, he was the anti-war candidate, but then he picked a war-monger in Joe Biden to be his VP choice. Now there is no anti-war message that he can deliver that will ever be believed.

Obama talked on and on about getting rid of George Bush's tax cuts for the rich, but now he is talking about leaving them in place for a while.

Off-shore drilling. In the spring Obama was totally against any off-shore drilling, but now he has caved, and drilling is on his table.

Barack Obama should be twenty or thirty points ahead of John McCain right now, but he has flipped and flopped too many times, and now we see he is not good at thinking on his feet, not a gentleman, and he's either not honest about his political positions or he is so indecisive that he changes them with every political wind that blows.

Long story short, Barack Obama is not presidential material.

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