$700 Billion?
by James Glaser
September 22, 2008

It is Saturday morning, and the New York Times has the Wall Street bailout at $700 billion now. No matter how you look at it, this is a bailout for the rich. If Washington wanted to help the "little guy," it would have done something to help those millions of Americans facing foreclosure a year ago.

The banks and mortgage institutions who are being bailed out made money, many times a lot of money every time they sold one of those mortgages. Somehow the people with million dollar apartments in New York have convinced Washington that the country would fall apart if they lose their homes, too.

But just maybe we aren't looking close enough to what is happening. Remember when 9/11 happened? Well, they had that Patriot Act all ready to go. Right now, another assault on the Constitution might be taking place under the cover this talk of big money and bailouts is giving the politicians.

The only people making out on these bailouts are people who either have or stand to lose large amounts of money.

Did you see our members of Congress as the unelected Henry Paulson took the microphone and told America what was happening? The Congressmen and Congresswomen, standing around on the side and in the background looked like wounded puppies, saying nothing.

You can't tell me that all of this mess was a surprise to them. They knew it was happening, but they thought they could ride everything out until after the election.

Doom and gloom are what Washington is using to sell us this bailout. Washington knows that the American people will do whatever they tell them to if they can spread enough fear. Every media outlet is on board, and every media star has closed ranks with those passing out the spin.

$700 billion probably won't be the final number. When Congress is in the spending mood just before an election, you know there will be some hidden costs added at the last hour.

The only way to stop this spending foolishness is to threaten your elected official with a vote against him or her on this election day. Losing that title of Congressman or Senator, and losing the power and perks that go along with that title, are the only things that really scare the people who are putting together this bailout of the rich.

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