Do You Trust Washington With Our Money?
by James Glaser
September 25, 2008

Last night I listened to our President explain to the nation why he wants Congress to give him seven hundred thousand million dollars. ($700 billion) That is money that he and his people want to use to try and fix the mess Wall Street and our banks are in.

Everyone is telling us that right now the banks don't have money to extend credit to the American people and to American companies. But, you have to think of this. If the banks did extend us credit, they wouldn't get any of the $700 billion. So are the banks holding us up for that money?

President Bush's speech was filled with things we should fear, and he made this incredible statement: "The market is not functioning properly." Yes, George, we know that.

Here is the kicker. After we give George all of this money, and he runs out and gives it away, then he or somebody will start working on fixing the problems that got us into this mess.

Remember, money first, problem solving second.

So, tomorrow both candidates for president are going to Washington, and with the leaders of both Houses of Congress, they will all be meeting in the White House with the President trying to figure out how they can take our money from us.

Meanwhile, the American people are calling their elected officials telling them not to sign on with this give-away to the rich. You have to know that Congress will cave and spend the money. Washington no longer cares about our phone calls, and it won't be long before they don't even care about our votes.

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