Democracy Is Still Alive
by James Glaser
September 30, 2008

Yes, the Wall Street bail out bill failed to pass the House yesterday, and many in leadership positions in Washington are in shock. The media is asking what went wrong? Could McCain or Obama have delivered more votes? Did Nancy Pelosi screw up by gloating before the vote was taken?

Nobody knows the answers to those questions, but we do know they are the wrong questions. The question the media should be asking is, what was so wrong with the bill that 95 Democrats and 133 Republicans would vote against it?

There is talk of having a revote in a few days on the same bill. Can you even imagine what those in power are willing to give away to anyone willing to change their vote?

It has been reported that over 80% of the American people were against this bill, and the media acts like there is something wrong with it not passing. It looks to me like the American media is pushing for a fascist form of government, where those in power in Washington will dictate to the American people what we will do on any issue.

This is an election year, and tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans wrote, called, or e-mailed their elected representatives in Washington, and voiced their displeasure with this bail-out bill. Those officials, looking at an election in less than six weeks decided to vote with the people they represent, and the bill failed. That is Democracy in action!

So, if the Congressional leadership puts up the same bill, we will all have to call once again. Elected officials have very short memories, and they have to be reminded to do the right thing, or they will back-slide to their old ways, and take what is offered to them to change their vote.

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